Why hire and Entertainment Company over just a DJ?

I get asked all the time what is different with Pure Sound then all the other DJ Companies in the Albany NY area.

Well the answer is not so simple. There are many things that separate a standard DJ Company and an Entertainment Company. For starters a DJ's play music and maybe make announcements and can get the party going if he is feeling good that day. But an Entertainment Company can not settle for just making announcements on your special day. Usually with Entertainment Companies you at minimum get a DJ as well as an MC. You also could have party motivators who are out on the dance floor getting the party going behind the scenes.

Another huge difference is the ability to rely on a team. Being by yourself as a DJ is tough. You are limited to just your own thoughts and your own vision of the Event. With a team you have a few people to rely on and help make changes and adjustments catered to the crowd you have in front of you.

There are many more examples I could give on the difference and reasons to hire an Entertainment Company over just hiring a DJ, but the truth is you have probably seen it at an event you have been to. Think of those rockin' events that you have been to, was it just a DJ, or was it an Entertainment Team?

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