Here's a Little Video of us in action!

With Pure Sound, you don't just get a DJ, you get an Entertainment Team! We have DJ/MC Teams that are dedicated to ensuring your day is the best that it ever could be! 

We also don't have packages. None of those Silver level and then Gold level packages where if you spend one price then you get this, but if you pay more we give you that....

With us, it is simply one price and you have us and all we offer for your day! No nickel and diming....Lets be real, when planning the most exciting day of your life do you really want to hear "yes we offer that, it is an additional $400" I am pretty sure you don't....

You have never planned a wedding before so do you really know what you want yet? Other then knowing you need a DJ, do you even know what all of us DJ's offer? Probably not. So that's why we won't lure you in with a low price just to lock you in and then sell you add ons over the next year! 

Trust us with your day and I, Eric Catalano personally promise it will be the best wedding decision......wait, the second best wedding decision you will make! (Hint the 1st should be when you said yes, or if this is the other half, the day you proposed)

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